Lindsay Lohan Legal Roller Coaster Continues

Hollywood’s favorite celebrity jailbird is back at it. Again. If you have your head in the sand, or if you’re like me and start getting a ringing migraine whenever Miss Lohan’s name is mentioned, then you may not be informed about the exciting week she is currently having.

Still serving punishment following a pair of DUI arrests a few years ago and the theft of a necklace from early 2011, on October 19th Lindsay, of Parent Trap and Mean Girls fame (and nothing else remotely worthwhile), was sent to jail for failing to fulfill the terms of her probation which required her to perform community service. She was released on Los Angeles bail bonds that were set at $100,000 the same day.

As if answering the critics who believe her latest arrest was merely a publicity stunt, Lindsay announced on Monday that she completed a nude spread for Playboy Magazine that afternoon. Paparazzi snapped photographs of her leaving the Playboy Mansion, where her mother Dina said the shoot was successful. I just hope the magazine shows her wearing nothing but handcuffs.

If getting arrested, bailed out, and taking naked pictures wasn’t enough excitement for the young starlet (term used loosely), Lohan also began her community service to make up for the community service she previously missed (is that like an interest rate?) on Tuesday and Wednesday.


In some cruel Halloween-inspired twist of fate (or justice) Lohan has to work at the Los Angeles County Morgue. Sppppooooooookkkkkkyyyyyyy!

Well, at the end of the day I hope Lindsay Lohan learns her lesson and becomes the Leading Lady with the marvelous movie career that America envisioned her having as a teen star, and then we meet at a bar and exchange numbers and get married in Vegas. Which might be even odds with her burning out and being found OD’d by a maid in a hotel bathroom.

Let this be a lesson to all of the kid actors and the parents who push them.

Los Angeles Bail Bondsman

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