Los Angeles Bail Bonds: Unique Bond Situations

There are multiple different times at which Los Angeles bail bonds may be posted. The most typical is immediately following an arrest, after the arrestee finishes the booking process and has the bail determined by a judge. At this point, the Los Angeles bail bondsman can post bail to release the defendant. While this is the most common scenario, here are a few other situations where you can contact a Los Angeles bail bonds business.

Posting Bail on Warrants

Don’t wait until the individual gets taken into police custody and booked! Call a bail bondsman to have the bond ready ahead of time. Los Angeles bail bonds businesses can post a bond to the court for a warrant as long as the amount is bondable. You can even bail yourself out, without needing to drag an additional person to be the indemnitor if you meet the proper qualifications.

Out of Custody Bonds

Occasionally, when you show up for your initial court appearance, the judge will ask for a bond. At this point, ask for a temporary release to get the bond, or have your Los Angeles bail bondsman on hand in the courtroom to immediately post bail.

Contact a Los Angeles Bail Bondsman

If a loved one has just been arrested, don’t waste time contacting a Los Angeles bail bondsman. The quicker you act, the faster that person can get released and start focusing on the trial process that awaits him.

Additional Information

If you have more inquiries about the Los Angeles bail bonds process, call 1-800-BAIL-BOND or contact us via the web. And read these two informative blogs for more details: http://www.my1800bailbond.com/bail-bond-blog/consumer-tips-safe-bail-bonds and http://www.my1800bailbond.com/bail-bond-blog/bail-bonds-tips-selecting-an-attorney

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