Professional Bail Bonds: Finding a Trustworthy Business

Hiring a professional bail bonds business is more important than you would realize. While it might seem like a good idea to save some money and cut costs, the reality is that it is not smart. At best you will be duping the judicial system, at worst you could be getting ripped off.

Here are some tips to know before hiring a bail bonds agent.

Ask for a License or Certification

The State of California certifies professional bail bonds businesses and agents to allow them to bail people out of jail. Without a license, the bondsman is just some guy asking for money. He could be a scam artist, who will simply take your money and you will never see again.

10% Bail Fee

The cost of bail is 10% of the total bond, a price mandated by law. This cannot be lowered, raised, or negotiated.

If a Los Angeles bail bonds agent tries to charge you more than 10%, they are taking advantage of you. This includes charging interest on a loan, which is strictly prohibited.

Likewise, coupons and deals do not exist for this business. If you are offered a lower rate, this should be a red flag. There are certain occasions when a 5% fee is acceptable. Check to find out how to apply for 5% bail.

Financing Options

Just because charging interest is illegal, doesn’t mean you have to pay all at once. A truly professional bail bonds business will be able to accept cash, credit card, or wire transfer as payment.

Financing options should also be available to clients with sufficient collateral. After proving that you have consistent employment, live in or around Los Angeles, and own enough property to cover the bail cost, you will be granted options for long-term payment. Should you miss a payment or the arrestee flees prosecution, your assets could be seized to make up lost expenses.

Finding a professional bail bonds business should be easy, most are legitimate operation, but it is still best to watch out for swindlers and cheats.

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