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Montebello Bail Bonds

If you need a Montebello bail bonds company to assist in freeing a friend or family member from jail, please dial 1-800-BAIL-BOND or 1-800-224-5266 now.

1-800-BAIL-BOND is a locally-owned and operated Los Angeles bail bonds company that will do everything we can to make your Montebello bail bonds experience as fast, affordable and confidential as the law allows. It is our goal to get you out of any police station, sheriff station, city jail or county jail and back on your feet as soon as possible.

Trust 1-800-BAIL-BOND as your Montebello bail bonds company because we are dedicated, experienced, speedy and committed to providing the best customer service and most affordable bail bonds rates that the law will allow.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds

According to data from the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department 2009 LASD Crime and Arrest Statistics Summary, there were over 126,352 documented adult arrests for either misdemeanors or felonies where suspects required a Los Angeles bail bonds company.

Of those Los Angeles arrests, 80,023 were for misdemeanors or noncriminal charges. Only 46,329 arrests were for felony charges, all of which needed Los Angeles bail bonds to be posted, by law.

Bail Bonds Company

In Los Angeles, bail bonds companies or someone licensed as a bail bondsman by the California Department of Insurance must assist arrestees with posting bail in order to free them from their local law enforcement stations or holding facility where they are being detained.

Time is of the essence as defendants who do not post bail in a timely manner are transferred to a Los Angeles County Jail facility, where release times are longer.

Trust 1-800-Bail-Bond as your Montebello bail bonds company of choice for expedient, professional assistance posting bail bonds in Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County or Orange County.

Our professional bail bondsmen will do everything they can to make your experience easy and answer any of your questions regarding the bail bonds process.

Montebello Police Station

Montebello Police Department
1600 West Beverly Boulevard, Montebello, CA
(323) 887-1212 ‎ •

Montebello Police Records
1600 West Beverly Boulevard, Montebello, CA
(323) 887-1225 ‎ •

Montebello Police Crime Prevention
1600 West Beverly Boulevard, Montebello, CA
(323) 887-1282 ‎ •

Montebello Police Narcotics
1600 West Beverly Boulevard, Montebello, CA
(323) 887-1265 ‎ •

California Bondsman

1-800-BAIL-BOND is a California bail bonds company that provides services to individuals arrested throughout Los Angeles County, and other surrounding California counties as well, like Ventura County or Orange County. For more info on services provided by a California bondsman in cities that neighbor Montebello, please visit our dedicated city pages such as Commerce Bail Bonds services or Monrovia bonds services.

To find out which one of these jails your loved one might be located please call 1-800-224-5266.